The structure of the current ties (3 pieces of fabric, 3-fold and interlining) dates from the 1920s.

Since then, as a result of industrial efficiency, a more optimal usage of time and silk began, falling into disuse the, up to then, usual way to produce ties: the seven fold technique. 

This original technique consists of folding the fabric (cut in one piece, or at most two, depending on the width of the roll) gradually, until the shape of the tie is achieved. It is a complex and laborious process, which needs twice the fabric and production time than a normal tie.

The result is an extraordinarily light tie, lacking linings and interlining, but with the structure of a standard tie.

At The Seëlk we offer these fascinating pieces, fully loyal to the original technique. 

Hence, we never put any interlining nor lining on our 7-fold ties. Additionally, we make them with the least possible pieces, which in the case of jacquard silk fabrics is two pieces. And last, we only use our best jacquard silk, so they have the optimum consistency. 

We offer the option to add up to 3 initials (at no extra charge), and choose from 7 or 10 folds.