For many, saying The Seëlk is saying “ties”. They were our only product back in 2015, and today, despite the great evolution we have experienced, they are still in our DNA. Since we started, we’ve had a wide variety of models in our collection. Some of them never returned after been sold out. Others have been with us for quite some time (in some cases, from day one) and are frequently restocked. And of course, we also include new models every now and then. But there are also those who had a meaning at the time, but as we progressed as a brand and defined more precisely our concept, left our collection, giving room to models more in line with the current The Seëlk. Designs that take us back to our beginnings, when with great enthusiasm and very few resources, we set out to make ties that we could not easily find on the market. Now we bring them back and put them together in this vintage collection. (Some) crazy designs, with the best silk fabrics and handcrafted. All of them with our usual quality. The Seëlk quality. Take advantage of this opportunity and get one of our wonderful ties at a one-off price.

  • All of our ties are hand sewn with a closing stitch running from end to end. Some models have silk tippings (printed silk and jacquard models); while other models (grenadine, wool, shantung) are unlined and have handrolled tippings. All these models wear a reinforcing Petersham ribbon in the back of the collar.
    1. The ties will be shipped perfectly protected, without our usual packaging.
    2. Returns of these vintage models will not be accepted, except in case of defect.
  • 1 tie: 36€/unit.
  • 2 ties or more: 30€/unit (introduce coupon VINTAGE-30€).