Ready Made Products:
Spain and Portugal 1-4 working days | Other destinations 2-5 working days.

Ties with initials: 
Spain and Portugal 1-5 working days | Other destinations 2-7 working days.

7-Fold Ties: 
Up to 3 weeks.

Since we have our own workshop, we finish our products quite fast. However, in order to avoid any problem, we prefer to set a conservative delivery time.
If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering.


Spain and Portugal: 7€ 

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom: 12€

Rest of the UE, Norway* and Switzerland*: 22€

North/Central/South America*, Russia*, Turkey* and UAE*: 35€

For other destinations, as well as EU territories with a different fiscal regime or EU overseas territories, please get in touch with us before ordering.


All shipments we make to countries outside the E.U. must pass a series of Customs formalities in the country of destination.
To reduce as much as possible the inconveniences that these procedures cause, all our shipments outside the E.U. are made through TNT, one of the transportation agencies with greater presence internationally.
Usually, the courier company will conduct these formalities at the Customs office for you, and then deliver the package to the destination address.

The process is the following:
1. The packet arrives at the customs of the destination country.
2. The office fixes the corresponding tariffs.
3. The courier company contacts the recipient to report the amount of those fees, which will be paid directly by the recipient when delivery is made.

Tariffs are establised by each national Customs office, and neither The Seëlk nor the courier company are responsible for their fulfillment. Tariffs vary between countries and depend on numerous criteria (type of product, amount of the invoice, etc ...). In all cases, tariffs are applied only on the value of the goods, not on the shipping cost.

As a reference, we show you the approximate tariffs you would have to pay for our ties in the following countries:
UAE:  approx. 5% of the value of the goods. 
USA: approx. 7'5% (+ State Tax) of the value of the goods.
Switzerland: approx. 9% of the value of the goods.
Japan: approx. 23% of the value of the goods.
Norway: approx. 33% of the value of the goods.
Colombia: approx. 34% of the value of the goods.
Russia: approx. 40% of the value of the goods.
Mexico: approx. 40% of the value of the goods.
Argentina: approx. 64% of the value of the goods.

These data are merely informative. For an absolutely reliable information, you should contact the customs authorities of the destination country.