We normally ship to European Union countries.

By default, our website does not allow to ship orders to E.U. special territories or non-E.U. countries. However, if you’re interested, please get in touch with us and we’ll figure something out.


Península Ibérica:
7€ | 1-4 días laborables.

Resto de la U.E. + Islas Baleares:
12€ | 3-7 días laborables.

Recogida en tienda:
Sin coste | 1-4 días laborables.

Estos son los tiempos de entrega estimados para todos nuestros productos, incluyendo corbatas con bordado de iniciales/fecha y resto de artículos personalizados.
En momentos puntuales, estos plazos pueden alargarse. Siempre que sepamos que esto pueda ocurrir, te lo notificaremos lo antes posible.

Solemos hacer nuestros envíos a España y Portugal con MRW. Para el resto de destinos solemos hacerlos con UPS. Podemos proporcionarte un número de seguimiento en ambos casos.

CUSTOMS – orders outside U.E.

All shipments we make to countries outside the E.U. must pass a series of Customs formalities in the country of destination.
To reduce as much as possible the inconveniences that these procedures cause, all our shipments outside the E.U. are made through UPS, one of the transportation agencies with greater presence internationally.

In order to facilitate the work to the client, the courier company will usually conduct these procedures at the Customs office, and then deliver the package to the destination address. In that case, the process is as follows:
1. The packet arrives at the customs of the destination country.
2. The office fixes the corresponding tariffs.
3. The courier company contacts the recipient to report the amount of those fees, which will be paid directly by the recipient when delivery is made.

In any case, keep in mind that the tariffs are established by the Customs office of each country, and neither The Seëlk nor UPS are responsible for their processing or payment. Rates vary between countries and depend on different criteria (type of product, invoice amount, etc …). In all cases the rates are applied only on the value of the goods, not on the shipping cost.

These data are merely informative. For an absolutely reliable information, you should contact the customs authorities of the destination country.