A sophisticatedly simple idea.

Well-made garments, of timeless style,
for discreetly unique men.

Timeless essentials

Versatile and easily combinable garments,
perfect for building a classic men’s wardrobe.

Quality fabrics

Produced by the best suppliers on the market, they give our garments an extraordinary touch and body.

R & D

We invest a lot of time and effort in developing each garment, looking for a design and pattern that remains in time to facilitate following purchases.

Differencial details

Small nuances, sometimes almost imperceptible, that turn seemingly simple garments into discreetly sophisticated ones.

Careful making

Working with nearby workshops, with extensive experience, gives us greater control over our products.

Online · Offline

The immediacy of our seductive website, and the extended service of a physical store, combined to minimize the uncertainty of online shopping.

Alluring packaging

Our shipments are well-protected by an amazing packaging. You’ll love it so much, that you will not want to get rid of it.

In short, value

Clothes with soul, where quality is genuine, palpable, and not a fancy word in an shallow slogan.
Made to be worth, not to cost.